Cultist Simulator: Kicksmass Eve

Cultist Simulator: Kicksmass Eve

Tomorrow I launch the Kickstarter for Cultist Simulator. That link works, but it’s still a preview link, but once the project is live, it’ll be a … live link. The link will work now. It’ll work tomorrow, too. It’s not a dead link now. With strange aeons even death may die. Hi, my name’s Alexis, […]

The Cultist and the Terminator

The Cultist and the Terminator

Sometimes the right name is inevitable. Sunless Sea was the obvious name from the moment the idea showed up. Sometimes they need tweaking. When I first pitched its sequel, it was always going to be called ‘Sunless Sky’; after I left Failbetter, the team changed it to ‘Sunless Skies’ because they got understandably nervous. And sometimes […]


  The Moth’s Hour is midnight. It is the first God-who-was-blood. It seeks among the trees of the Wood; it beats within the skull; it is dappled. The Hours are the secret gods of the Cultist Simulator setting. Their true nature is too primal to be depicted, so the game kindly provides an alternate Tarot card […]

The Thunderskin, the Heart Relentless

The Thunderskin is the Heart Relentless, who does not permit conclusion.  With the Mother of Ants, he is among the chiefest Gods-from-flesh.  He cannot be stilled; he demands the dance; he is beaten, like a drum. Red and blue are his colours. He is heard in the Wood below the world. The Hours are the […]

Cultist Simulator keeps showing up in PCGamer

Here I am: and here I am again: plus a little bit of DA gossip here:   I’ve also got an interview about to hit in PCGamesN – teaser here:

The Orchid Transfigurations, on the South Coast

Last week, I mentioned the package I’d received from ‘A Well-Wisher’, containing two volumes of the 1925 edition of ‘The Locksmith’s Dream’. I also mentioned also that the package included a postcard from Galmier herself, from a seaside town on the south coast. Since then, I’ve realised two things. Firstly, the town named on the postcard doesn’t […]