It’s only ONE WEEK until we launch our BOOK OF HOURS Kickstarter, so we’re running a week-long culty giveaway where you can, er, win outré, fiendish things. Ain’t no party like a library party, right? You can enter via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or all of them, to give youself a better chance of winning! Here’s […]


Happy end of sprint, Beloveds! I open this update with a vile crime: the Case of the Ravaged Yums. Gotta watch out for mounting, Damning Evidence, like, er, COMMITTING A CRIME IN FRONT OF SOMEONE WITH A CAMERA. I should also say early on that we have a V GOOD APP STORE sale on right […]

The BOOK OF HOURS countdown calendar

The BOOK OF HOURS countdown calendar

It’s SO CLOSE UNTIL WE LAUNCH THE KICKSTARTER! So on Tuesday 20th August, 14 days before we go live, we’re starting our official countdown across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We’ll release something Shiny And New every day at noon. (Noon.) I’ll update this calendar every day once we’re live with the Daily Thing, but follow […]


This sprint is named after arguably the most milquetoast of Arthurian knights, though he did at least have the decency to spawn the Knight of the Swan, a.k.a. Bad Cleve. Naughty Cleve! Stop enslaving large, pissed-off waterfowl! Gawain 4 lief, frankly. It’s been a very busy sprint, but let me start this update with an […]

Cultist Simulator Update: Version 2019.8.a.1

It’s time for some updates to some of the cheeky bug boys that thought they could chill in the game. • Steam • GOG Fixed Notoriety from decayed, wounded corpses being treated as wounded followers. Fixed Glover & Glover superiors sometimes unexpectedly returning to life after the player’s demotion. Fixed an issue with reloading games […]