The Locksmith’s Dream (1925 edition)

Last week I shared an image of the 1923 two-volume edition of the Locksmith’s Dream – ‘The Light through the Keyhole’ and ‘Portions and Proportions’.

I was aware that the first three volumes were republished as separate editions, but I hadn’t expected ever to see them. I was excited – but also rather alarmed – to receive a package from ‘A Well-Wisher’ containing volumes 2 and 3. It doesn’t mean I’ve been stalked -my studio’s mailing address is easily available online – but I don’t really want the Long to take an interest.

I may as well be hung for a sheep as for a lamb. Here are the volumes I received.


I can see why ‘Trespasses’ has the reputation it does. It’s not an easy read, and Galmier’s sense of humour has begun to fray. She’d been through a lot, I guess. Obviously there are dangers in reading about dreams of this nature, but I’m taking the necessary precautions.

There was a postcard in the package, from a certain seaside resort on the south coast of England: but ‘Well-Wisher’ has asked me not to reproduce it or to name the town. I can say that it appears to have been sent by Galmier, in 1927, after the final volume – the fourth – was released. I can’t authenticate it. I’d like to believe it’s really her. She writes very winningly about the wind.

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