Month: November 2022

“Hath each Star, its Seven Names. Observe that these Names are Never Shared.”

So sayeth ‘Baron Silence’, also known as Thomas Dewulf, also known as not the sort of person you’d probably invite round to play Pokemon Violet. He’s writing about Ouranoscopy, a Winter-inflected skill of particular interest to Husherists, members of the Haustorium and, probably, magical goths. This week we have a crunchy BOOK OF HOURS progress […]

Written by on November 24, 2022

Announcing: the Sixth History Community Licence

Update 28/11/2022: the Sixth History Community Licence is now live and available here. How It Is Something about the Secret Histories enthuses people. Fanworks, fiction, commentary, art; I’ve lost count of the number of TRPG homebrew rules projects I’ve seen. For a long time, our take on this was sure, it’s nice to see this […]

Written by on November 18, 2022

MPC x The Lady Afterwards now available!

Just a short post to say… ✨🐫 The Mysterious Package Company x The Lady Afterwards edition is NOW AVAILABLE! 🐫✨ The MPC collaboration builds on our original edition by adding hand-aged clues, a silver cigarette case stuffed with calling cards, an antique magnifying glass and a hardwood “Taurus Express” travelling chest to keep it all […]

Written by on November 8, 2022