by Alexis Kennedy

Welcome to the world of indie games – a world ‘as glamorous as software development, as well-regulated as jazz, and as stable as a balloon full of frightened cats’. It’s a world only a couple of decades old, a world in which unexpected people unexpectedly become rich for unexpected reasons, and thousands every year burn out or implode.

Alexis Kennedy has been making games through ten years, seven games, three hits, two unlikely businesses and – thanks to a unique funding strategy – one tattoo. He’s written for some of the largest and the smallest companies in the industry, made two fortunes and given up one, and introduced the phrase ‘delicious friend’ to a whole generation of Victorian Gothic obsessives.

This is the story of ten years on the inside: making hit games with no money and less time, with a crew of eccentrics and a map that changes as you go, at the bleeding edge of an industry that’s bigger than the movie and music businesses put together… and far less well known than either.

*probably* not the final cover

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