Apep and Ra: Seven Intensely Practical Tips About Organising Setting Documentation for Narrative Games

I saw this tweet Folks who make narrative or adjacent games with 3-10 member teams: please share how you organize your design & worldbuilding docs! — Jason Grinblat (@ptychomancer) November 5, 2017 and I started responding, and I found I had a lot to say. My perspective and, I guess, credentials: I ran Failbetter for […]

Cultist Simulator: the Renewal of Skin

Hullo all. I’ve been quiet for the last couple of weeks, because I’ve been off in Kyiv (at Casual Connect, where I did a talk) and Paris (at Indiecade, where Lottie did a talk for Failbetter). But meanwhile Martin has been finishing up tweaks and improvements to the UI, so I have an sheaf of […]