An update on the controversies of 2019. [UPDATE:Failbetter still haven’t denied or contested any of this.
They did admit over email there was a ‘procedural issue’ (‘criminal negligence’, tomato tomahto). We began negotiations but when Lottie (once again) raised the issue of them harassing her they (once again) stopped responding and (once again) started going after us on social media. More details below.]

What Actually Happened

[Since I wrote this, there’ve been what you might call ‘revelations’. Read about that here.] The story so far: My name’s Alexis Kennedy. With my fiancée, Lottie Bevan, I run a very small game development studio out of our London flat. I used to own and run another studio, Failbetter Games, which was a little […]

Queen Meadhbh: She wants your cows!

In a previous episode of Claire Shouts about Irish Badass Saints and Heroes, I mentioned Queen Maeve. She was a very formidable woman in Irish history and lore. CDProjektRed have released a store and featured some merch just for Queen Meve. Now you might have noticed that this particular character has not had her name […]