Cultist Simulator keeps showing up in PCGamer

Here I am:

and here I am again:

plus a little bit of DA gossip here:


I’veย also got an interview about to hit in PCGamesN – teaser here:

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1 comment on “Cultist Simulator keeps showing up in PCGamer

  1. I finally accessed your KS preview and it looks great. One other thing you might address: will there be any possibilities for modding? Hopefully if the card data is stored in some standard format like XML it could be feasible for players to add some of their own cards and content.

    Catherine Unger’s art looks straight out of an art deco loony bin (in a good way!) and I’m interested to hear what your composer comes up with. But I also wanted to say the period stock art and music you have in the alpha is a good fit for the setting. So if you need extra background content feel free to pile on some good Satie and Schnittke and Arvo Part and Edwardian clip art..

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