Lottie has gone away for five days to somewhere unfeasibly remote with a clutch of her most intrepid female friends. The immediate result is that I realise she does even more company stuff than I realise. She’s left me a helpful collection of virtual post-its and she’s texting me instructions, but the effect is still […]


“On summer mornings the hills outside my bedroom window are green with sun and on winter mornings they are white with snow and over all of it is the sound of the laughter of our heirs, and the sound of the wind. The wind rattles the casements and runs into the hills and is gone.”


Hey Believers! Hope you’re hanging in there. This is a special month for charitable causes. Thanks to Cultist‘s free weekend and the release of EXILE we had a bumper June, which means we get to give away an unusally large amount to charity this month. So we’ve split it across two causes close to our […]


Marinell – Sir Marinell, to you – is a knight of the sea whose nervous nymph-mother Cymoent misinterpreted a prophesy that he would be mortally wounded by a maiden. She thus teaches him that LOVE is BAD and he is NOT TO PLAY WITH LADIES. Turns out one maiden does gore him – good ol’ […]


Iโ€™d like to share my story in support for #stopcyberbullyingday. Iโ€™ve been dealing with personal and professional attacks via the internet for the better part of the last year. In that time, Iโ€™ve seen at least three people take their lives because of bullying on social media. Hereโ€™s what happened to me. I woke up […]


Hullo, hullo! The wind is whistling outside like a vengance of ghosts; the dull horizon meets a duller sky with a cold, grey kiss of Thames; a lone, heroic birb hunkers stoically in the crevasse we call our balcony. Ah, June. As you know, we donate 10% of our profits each month to a WORTHY […]


Happy forbidden birthday, Believers! This Sunday marks two years since Cultist‘s launch. It’s been a hell of a trip, and we really couldn’t have done it without you: Kickstarter backers, launch-week buyers, community members, merch owners, streamers, fan artists, social media cheerleaders, the lot. Thank you for being a bunch of total mensches. Now, onto […]