Month: November 2018


  The nights are dark and cold and full of hate for anyone not snugged up in a warm, overfull flat of game developers, merch boxes, unwrapped Christmas presents, and, if you live with Alexis Kennedy, 9,000000 different types of chair. Sonja, Alexis’s kid, is currently having her first playdate with a BOY who shall […]

Written by on November 30, 2018


We launched our Church of Merch on Monday 17th September, so it’s high time for a retrospective! I’ll break it into three parts, so it’s not a total beast: this one’ll take you through the set-up, the next the merch itself and how it did in Month 1, and the final blog will be some searingly insightful […]

Written by on November 23, 2018


Happy not really anything month, everyone! We’ve had a v busy sprint (the most important part being I met Stacey Dooley at the BAFTA Breakthrough Brits party, obvs), so let’s get down to it. The key thing this sprint was a much better idea of what we’re doing with Christopher’s Build. I’ve updated the roadmap […]

Written by on November 16, 2018

Christopher’s Build: The Long March

In January, we’ll be releasing Christopher’s Build, the second major free update to Cultist Simulator. (Anyone following on the beta branch will see some of the updates well before January). Christopher’s Build – named for the urbane, devious, melancholy occultist Christopher Illopoly – is about two things: (i) Thing the First – making the game a bit shorter(ii) […]

Written by on November 9, 2018


Happy November, all! This sprint was deliberately left light, to accommodate the fallout from our Dancer DLC. I’m pleased to say Alexis, Chris and Fraser are badass so there were only a few bugs to fix! Go team code go. We took a much needed few days off in the first week, where we went to […]

Written by on November 2, 2018