Cultist Simulator: your chance to influence the Kickstarter

The Emanations of Sophia

The game is probably less complicated than this, probably

The Cultist Simulator Kickstarter begins in just under a month. I’ve got the pitch drafted, I’ve got the rewards sketched out (including some really daft ones to do with tattoos, and invented words, and secret lore from previous games)

Tomorrow, all being well, I’ll mail a link to the Kickstarter preview to my entire mailing list (about 1400 people as I type this). There will be a dozen things I haven’t thought of – things in the pitch that make no sense, o things that are obvious to me because I’m immersed in this but are invisible to everyone else. “Make it clear that it’s not the Fallen London universe.” “Don’t release it in February! that’s when Magician Simulator is coming out.””Don’t call it Game of Crones.”

If you’d like to see the KS preview – including some very lovely promo art I haven’t yet unleashed on the world – or if you’d like to give your opinion on the rewards – then click the badge below, and do what your heart commands.



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  1. I clicked on the link in your email, but for me it eventually just redirects to the Kickstarter home page.

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