Hello, Believers! This sprint was LAUNCH SPRINT, meaning we’ve been working our lil’ culty butts off. First things first: lots of new stuff to shout about! PRIEST DLC GHOUL DLC ANTHOLOGY EDITION £2.50 / $2.99 £2.50 / $2.99 £29.50 / $33.11 Steam, Humble, GOG Steam, Humble, GOG Steam, Humble, GOG Our two final pieces of […]


JEKYLL has been all about our upcoming launch on In case you haven’t heard, we’re releasing two new pieces of DLC – PRIEST and GHOUL – alongside the ANTHOLOGY EDITION, a handy dandy collector’s parcel of Cultist Simulator, all three DLCs and the soundtrack wrapped up neatly as one. We may also have some NEWS […]


Isabella has been a very busy lady. So first things first: code-extraordinaire and community mole Marc Gagné started in his new, official capacity as Weather Factory’s full-stack developer! You may know him better as Lyrositor, one of the core members of our frankly alarming Discord, who know Cultist Simulator almost better than we do. WELCOME, […]