An update on the controversies of 2019. [UPDATE:Failbetter still haven’t denied or contested any of this.
They did admit over email there was a ‘procedural issue’ (‘criminal negligence’, tomato tomahto). We began negotiations but when Lottie (once again) raised the issue of them harassing her they (once again) stopped responding and (once again) started going after us on social media. More details below.]

“Hee-hee-hee-hee, wipeout!”

Work has been getting on top of me over the last six months. Then I had a passle of family miseries and an unrelated health scare. Last weekend, I had a proper old crack-up with a full-on episode of depersonalisation. This wasn’t honestly so bad for me, because the emotional deadening component of the depersonalisation […]


“In a well-designed game, you see the outcome begin to emerge before the end of the experience. You know you’re low on food, you know your alliances are fraying, you know you’re a hair away from the end of the level, you know what might come next. It might be success or it might be failure, but it will make sense in terms of what came before.”