Cultist Simulator: Kicksmass Eve

Tomorrow I launch the Kickstarter for Cultist Simulator. That link works, but it’s still a preview link, but once the project is live, it’ll be a … live link. The link will work now. It’ll work tomorrow, too. It’s not a dead link now. With strange aeons even death may die.

Hi, my name’s Alexis, it’s been an energetic week.

Please click the link tomorrow and share, retweet, mail, trumpet, pray, scrawl, send, declaim the presence of the Kickstarter to anyone you think might be interested. And if it looks like your bag, the Sun-in-Rags, which concludes endings beautifully, would appreciate your backing.

Thank you all, and I’ll see you in the dawn.

Want to see the trailer again? I always like posting this thing.


(P.S.  my old studio released Sunless Skies in Early Access yesterday! which is a genuine coincidence, but a serendipitous one. Go take a look – it’s stunning, and it tastes very like Sunless Sea.)

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  1. There’s a typo under the “Clockwork Cuckoo” bio. It says “and have are about to open”. Seems like the have shouldn’t be there.

  2. I look forward to this game than most AAA releases in years. This game is deliciously wonderful and I want to help make it a reality. Also I need the cheer myself up after watching that incredibly terrible Death Note remake.

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