“Will there be same-sex romances in Cultist Simulator?”featured

The answer is ‘yes’, but this is a sensitive and complex topic, so I want to respond honestly and to make sure that player expectations are met.

In every game I’ve ever made, gender choice for the player has been cosmetic, and there’s been a non-specifically-gendered option. NPC romances have taken the ‘everyone is bi’ approach. I’d expect to continue this tradition with Cultist Simulator. You’ll be able to romance NPCs, and your chosen character gender will have little to no effect on which NPCs are available for romance.


(1) this approach also means ruling out specifically same-sex or other queer romances, just as it means ruling out specifically straight romances. In some games, the ability to have a queer romance is explicitly part of the artistic intention and the promotional appeal.  That isn’t the plan here. I know that’s what some people might mean when they ask the question, I know it’s important to some players, and I don’t want to mislead anyone.

(2) That ‘little to no’ effect above. I want player characters to be able to start families in Cultist Simulator, for the drama and dilemmas that will allow. Getting into the details of this – whether a player character gets pregnant, or whether an NPC is a blood relation for occult reasons – can be tricky. I ran up against this exact problem in Sunless Sea, and I found a way to write round it and make all options, including adoption, equivalent in game terms. But that might be trickier when the character isn’t constantly off on long sea voyages. Honestly, I think it’ll be fine, and the approach will be abstract and completely non-restrictive, but I don’t want to commit to that. You might end up being asked, e.g., “is your character capable of bearing children?”, and that might affect some of your story choices in the game. We’ll see.

But the bottom line is that I’ll take the same approach that I have in my other work, and that hews as closely as possible to equal opportunities all round.

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