MPC x The Lady Afterwards now available!

Just a short post to say…

✨🐫 The Mysterious Package Company x The Lady Afterwards edition is NOW AVAILABLE! 🐫✨

The MPC collaboration builds on our original edition by adding hand-aged clues, a silver cigarette case stuffed with calling cards, an antique magnifying glass and a hardwood “Taurus Express” travelling chest to keep it all in, as well as a few other additions. It’s TRULY MAGNIFICENT.

A full list of what’s included is:

  • The Lady Afterwards Game Runner’s Guide, a ~50 page TRPG scenario set in 1920s Alexandria
  • The Secret Histories Rulebook, a ~30 page mechanics primer
  • 18 hand-aged clues, including telegrams, lovers’ notes, photographs and more
  • An antique golden magnifying glass, to inspect them all
  • “The Essential Hours” pocket tarot deck of 23 Major Arcana cards
  • A full 78-card “Tarot of the Hours” deck
  • Eight customisable character sheets with personalised questionnaires and connections
  • Eight silver and gold art deco pins
  • A sterling silver cigarette case, including several in-fiction calling cards and clues
  • A Game Runner’s Journal to keep track of players, game-states and evidence
  • A beautifully-scented black opium candle to evoke the Invisible Serapeum
  • A full-colour map of contemporary Alexandria
  • Two sets of antique TRPG dice in a burlap bag
  • A 10% discount for our merch shop and the Locksmith’s Dream
  • Access to a custom-built mood-music playlist of 1920s songs
  • A full digital edition of TLA
  • A custom hardwood “Taurus Express” travelling chest


Eagle-eyed readers will notice that each box contains a 10% off discount for Locksmith’s Dream tickets (which now have new 2022 and 2023 dates), but there’s also a chance to win a $2,000 “Golden Ticket” giving you and a friend a totally paid-for stay our Secret Histories scavenger hunt in Wales. Alternatively, if you can’t make it – or you inexplicably hate Wales – you can opt for a free Mysterious Package Company experience of your choice. Good luck to anyone who buys a box!

One final thing to share, because I love it. It’s a little known fact is that I am actually an accomplished trombonist – this sounds like a joke but I swear it isn’t. Anyway, here is not me but a 1920s London Symphony Orchestra musician called Freddie fighting off a cheetah in an example of how The Lady Afterwards’ combat mechanics work in The Secret Histories Rulebook. You’re welcome.

(Art creds to a talented MPC artist called George.)

There are loads more illustrations like this dotted about the place, but I can’t share any others without spoilers! Which the Suppression Bureau take a particularly dim view of. So let’s not pique the Suppression Bureau.

But speaking of the Bureau, we have a little announcement coming in the next few weeks which should please a number of creative Cultist Simulator fans. We’ll schedule an AMA with Alexis and myself to talk about it once we’ve revealed it, but watch this space…

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  1. Just ordered mine! It might be a bit of an extravagance given I got the boxed edition not too long ago, but I do love the look and promise of the updated edition! The fact I might get a chance to return to Treowen after the lovely Beta event just made it even more worthwhile and was a wonderful surprise!

  2. I’m trying to order this wonderful box, but their website refuses to make me create an account or even contact them – it just crashed with a bunch of errors. Would you know what’s the best way to get in touch with them? I’d hate to miss out on this…

      1. Yes, that’s the first thing I’ve tried, but hitting “send” on that form also crashes the site, albeit with a different error message. I will try again tomorrow… Thank you in any case!

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