Isabella has been a very busy lady. So first things first: code-extraordinaire and community mole Marc Gagné started in his new, official capacity as Weather Factory’s full-stack developer! You may know him better as Lyrositor, one of the core members of our frankly alarming Discord, who know Cultist Simulator almost better than we do. WELCOME, FREN. 💖


Another biggie this sprint has been Claire announcing release dates! Cultist hits its first year anniversary at the end of May, so we’re releasing a conglomeration of all content + soundtrack that we’re calling the Anthology Edition. This’ll launch along with (probably) the Priest and Ghoul DLC on

Thursday 30th May

Each DLC will cost £2.50 / £2.99 like the Dancer DLC, while the Anthology Edition will give new players the whole caboodle of base game, 3 x DLC and soundtrack at 15% off its actual price. Please don’t ask me why we can’t set nice sensible price points on this one, just trust that the distribution gods are fickle and lo, the Anthology will cost £25.90 / $33.11.

We also announced an updated mentoring scheme, which you can read about here! Essentially, we’re opening up five spots every twelve months for indie devs to get marketing, production and design one-on-ones, as well as being part of our Slack and us being on call to help out as and when you need it. We have three spots left, so if you’re interested, email mentoring@dweatherfact.wpengine.com!

We’ll be asking for your help next sprint with the Priest DLC, which is now all ready to go save for some pre-launch QA (that’s where you come in – watch out for Claire’s announce next week). It’s all fervent, forbidden religion and maybe just a smidge of snek. Also, hope you like #b54efc.


Meanwhile, Alexis has turned his steely gaze on the GHOUL, which I incorrectly described for about six months to journalists as you playing one of your own summoned creatures from a previous game. I LIED! The Ghoul is, in fact, a fraudulent and soon-to-be-disgraced medium who begins seeing strange apparitions of a snow-pale lady and, of course, lives happily ever after content with their lot in the world. You can trust that 100% of this paragraph is correct.

This sprint, Alexis has also been working on updated Research mechanics while Marc’s been spinning up and bug fixing, sorting things like dual-wielding cults, Time Passing bugs and stacks messing up card timers, so all hail the slow march of incremental tech and design improvements.

Frustratingly, both the ascendant Catherine Unger and Sarah Gordon have been doing WONDERFUL THINGS for us this sprint, but I’m not allowed to show them without Claire hitting me over head with this stick. SOON.

Alexis and I travelled to Riga for GameDev Latvia, where Alexis talked to a packed room about designing experimental games that still make money, and I talked in brighter colours to a much smaller room about how we marketed our weird culty beast of a game.

You can read my talk online; I’m sure Alexis will upload his talk too if you pester him enough.


Look out next week for the launch of Ludonarracon, a narrative game hoedown taking place on Steam from Friday 10th – Monday 13th May. We’re gonna be up alongside culty baes like The Church in the Darkness as well as former Weather Factory mentee In Other Waters, so woot!

‘Til then, Believers. ♥


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