Cultist Simulator: Patrons

As an impoverished scholar of the invisible arts, one would of course benefit from the opportunity of commissioned work. We might recommend these individuals in particular:


Mme Olympe Bechet, editor of the “Kerisham Review”. The Review publishes material too ghastly, thrilling or perilous for other literary magazines. Kerisham has been located on the south coast of England, but is notoriously difficult to find.
Count Gottlob Jannings, a gentleman from the Continent who represents a certain confraternity of duellists and physicians. The Count has an interest in novel medical theories, and also in esoteric martial techniques.
Dr Ibn al-Adim, sometimes called the Aleppine. The good doctor has an interest in overlooked histories. He’s a newcomer to the city, but speaks fondly of his memories of previous visits, long ago.
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