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The Emergence of Irisfeatured

Cultist Simulator‘s emblem, mascot and herald – nicknamed Iris – has proven really good shorthand for the feel of the game, and inspired fan art in her turn. Here’s some behind-the-scenes on how I worked with Catherine Unger to get to the serene, or possbly implacable, Iris we know today. AK: “The core theme of Read more


March #1: ELIOTfeatured

We announced a number of biggies this sprint. We’ve signed with Humble Bundle, who are publishing Cultist Simulator; we released the Adept’s Build, along with several hotfixes; we won our first award! (Cultist Simulator won ‘Best Game Design’ in the Emotional Games Awards 2018, and apparently we get a bust and everything. I have to order Read more


The Explorer’s Build: Expeditions Previewfeatured

The next release, the Explorer’s Build, contains – we think – all the major game mechanics. We’ll be adding and tweaking for another few months – and balancing! especially balancing – but here’s where the Expeditions mechanic is now. Expeditions are, as you know, what crazed occultists mount to seize monstrous treasures from the lightless depths Read more



Sarah Gordon (@notsarahgordon on Twitter) has been putting together some more quasi-Tarot for the Hours in the Cultist Simulator setting. She has access to a lore spreadsheet with details and correspondences for each Hour, but I have finicky and demanding requirements and we usually go through at least one round of changes. But one of Read more


The Adept’s Build: Hot Fixingsfeatured

We’ve put three hotfixes live in the Adept’s Build since yesterday! Here’s what’s been hotly fixed: It is no longer possible for a detective to arrest you while he’s locked in your cupboard. premature ascension no longer occurs (it’s safe to use Notions with rites) major fix to how research works to make it more Read more