Ladies and gents, Hinter and Percussigants, Templars Unceasing and Wildwood peers: the Adept’s Build is HERE! This is a big milestone for Cultist Simulator, as it brings us to around the 60% Of The Game Is Basically Done mark (a very good place to be).

We gave some details of what’s in the Adept’s Build in our last sprint update, but the short version is: it’s a biggie. New Followers; new Cults; new Rites; new Tools, Ingredients and Influences; all of which come with a porphyry font-load of lore (What violence was done to the Thunderskin? Which five agreed the doctrine of Light? How was the Velvet awoken? Who is the last God-from-Stone?). I actually work on this game and am excited by this build, so I’m crossing my quietly supernumerary fingers that you will be, too.

The Adept’s Build will be live on and Steam by the end of the day. Anybody who’s yet to purchase Cultist Simulator, your time is running out! We only have…


…before Perpetual Edition is removed from sale, and you have to wait until launch to get your hands on it. I’m just going to put this here. 😀

As always, please send any feedback or bug reports to We aren’t able to glean these from forum posts or Kickstarter comments, so please send one but per email to make sure we know about issues and can fix ’em!

We recommend using our Steam forums for questions / general discussions, or joining our most active Discord (invite link here) for a frighteningly in-depth analysis of the game, its mythos and beyond.

Patch notes below.

Please note that THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS AND BALANCE MAY BE VERY PECULIAR. The Adept’s Build is still just a development build, although a fun one.

  • Followers can be promoted further than before, and to unique Aspect-based specialisms;
  • The Society of St Hydra reveres all Aspects and none;
  • Influences, ingredients and tools are now in-game, allowing you to create all 10 possible Rites, and giving you a mountain of lore to mine at the foot of the Wood;
  • Summon a dozen different eldritch creatures to defeat Investigators and destroy Evidence; [although until the Explorer’s Build drops next month, you may find it difficult to gather everything you need.]
  • Dozens of new lore fragments implemented. If you find the right ones, research can take you all the way;
  • Appetites/end game magic are implemented, allowing you to follow the paths of Power, Sensation or Enlightenment (some at unspeakable cost);
  • You can now use Talk to send Followers to snatch strangers from the street, work for hire, burglarise the rich, and other dastardly deeds;
  • New music in-game, including end-game music, impending doom music and additional background music;
  • New art in-game, including unique art for all Lore fragments, Lore articles, ascensions, cults, evidence, prisoners, influences, ingredients, Rites, language scholarship, tools and creatures;
  • New NPCs: introducing Auclair, Cat, Elridge, Laidlaw, Porter, Renira, Saliba, Slee, Sylvia, Valciane, Violet, Ysabet, DCI Hat and Mr Policeman;
  • Revamped title screen;
  • Shinies! (particle effects, soft lighting on verbs and smoky animation when tokens disappear now in);
  • Player options are now in-game, including music/sfx volume sliders, windows duration settings, and an all-important bird/worm distinction; [NB: not currently saved between sessions]
  • Updated inspection windows UI;
  • All hateful stack overflow errors have been fixed! This means: no save games should load into blank tabletops/incorrect characters/sparse cards anymore; Investigations should not wink out of existence or crash the game; Erudition/Glimmering will not bork games; Verb windows should no longer fail, leaving cards in mid-air; no more ‘Operation invalid’ error messages; and commissions should no longer soft-lock the game;
  • Cards should no longer disappear from results;
  • Cards will no longer be snatched from your hands by greedy slots;
  • Unstackable cards (Erudition, etc) are no longer stacked automatically by the ‘collect all’ button;
  • Issue with Aspects not displaying on inspection windows now fixed;
  • Strathcoyne’s Residence no longer borks exploration;
  • Inspectors no longer cause null ref exceptions;
  • When you’ve exhausted Morland’s Shop, you know about it;
  • Cards/tokens are placed more intelligently on the board, so no more cards being generated on top of one another, etc;
  • No longer possible to insert stacks of cards into Verb slots;
  • Funds and Reason cards cards will no longer occasionally duplicate themselves (sorry);
  • Minor content typos now fixed.

What’s next? The Explorer’s Build will land at the end of March, the Harbinger’s Build in April, and we’re still on course for a release at end May. More here…

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