“A lady, whose name is Afterwards”: Perpetual Edition and beyond

First things first:

  • People who already own Perpetual Edition: nothing has changed for you, but feel free to scroll on down
  • People who have not yet bought Perpetual Edition: WHY?! read on!

What is Perpetual Edition?

Perpetual Edition grants free lifetime access to Cultist Simulator DLC. Perpetual Edition owners will see any post-launch DLC appear automatically in-game, while everyone else will have to pay a (modest, reasonable) sum.

Will Perpetual Edition always be available?

Gosh, I’m so glad you asked this! NO, IT WON’T. Perpetual Edition will be removed from sale at midnight on Wednesday 28th February 2018. You can still get in on the Perpetualist Jamboree now, and for the whole of February. But afterwards you’ll have to wait until launch.

Here is a horrible clock ticking down for you, because Cultist Simulator is all about timers and misery.* Perpetual Edition’s available for another…


Why are we removing Perpetual Edition from sale?

We want to get Cultist Simulator into the Steam charts when we launch. This is going to be difficult. The more people buy it in launch week, the better our chances; the more people buy it before launch week, the worse our chances.

Will Perpetual Edition ever be available again?

Like the first line of the extremely Polish national anthem, ALL IS NOT YET LOST! Perpetual Edition will be available for one week alongside the normal edition of the game when we launch in May. You’ll be able to buy it via Steam, GOG, Humble and itch, but once that week’s over, it’ll be eternally cast into the fires of Mount Doom from whence it came.

Let us know here or on Twitter if you have questions, and we’ll make a bunch of noise about this nearer the time.

*May not technically be all about timers and misery.


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