The Adept’s Build: Hot Fixings

We’ve put three hotfixes live in the Adept’s Build since yesterday!

Here’s what’s been hotly fixed:

  • It is no longer possible for a detective to arrest you while he’s locked in your cupboard.
  • premature ascension no longer occurs (it’s safe to use Notions with rites)
  • major fix to how research works to make it more generous and less quirky. Researching two duplicate lores together now just levels up one of the lores and leaves the other; various odd combos no longer eat lore and leave you confused. I hope. Honestly, I’m kicking myself for not using the current implementation earlier. Let me know how it goes.
  • adding Reason to a research process no longer has bewildering effects. (Look closely and you’ll see why.)
  • Burglarising Strathcoyne’s library no longer causes explosions (though the library will still catch fire)
  • it is now possible to answer *all* the Stag Door riddles, although it may require a lot of hard work or luck, and if you have a saved game where you’ve already burned through the bookshop inventory, you’ll need to restart. (dev builds, eh, sorry.)
  • Mac build now works (Linux build is still broken, sorry!)
  • fixed an issue where Hangers-on could not be promoted to Pawns
  • fixed an issue where the Society of St Hydra wouldn’t accept reputation, so couldn’t be used to recruit
  • fixed two issues that often prevented Rites from being found/created (still working on this tho)
  • clarifying fix to options panel text
  • Ecdysis Club has slightly happier endings (edited)
  • Serpent’s Way can no longer be mistaken for the Thyrsine Way
  • tiny edit to the text for sending out a cultist to seduce a stranger home
  • restored WHO IS RESPONSIBLE? to credits, because people said they missed it

Grab the new build from itch here! If you’re using the Itch app or Steam, it’ll download automatically, of course.

Good luck. We’ll probably put out another patch later this week.

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  1. I’d love some details on how exactly to lock a detective in the cupboard, because I tried this exact same thing myself and was repeatedly rebuffed by the UI since he wasn’t a Follower?

    1. If you send a follower to murder a Detective, sometimes they’ll bring him home in a sack instead.

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