Appropriately named sprint, eh? It makes me a little worried that our upcoming sprints are IMMORALITY and JUSTICE but May #2 is KING ARTHUR so here’s hoping. The big news this sprint is we moved house! 😱 Alexis has started a sourdough culture he refers to only as “The Bred MΓΆther”, and inspired by our […]


Hey, Believers! Hope you’re all doing okay in lockdown. It’s not fun, is it? Lancing this cloud of gloom like a wafer through ice-cream are the Priest and Ghoul DLCs, which launched on mobile yesterday. They’re available as Β£1.99 IAPs, and Cultist Simulator is 50% off for a week on the App Store and Google […]


The Tarot of the Hours: MORE, PLEASE Sooooo. Everyone really likes tarot decks. We sold all of our 500 decks within 36 hours. Thank you so much if you ordered one! My phone makes a cash register cha-ching noise every time we sell something on Etsy so it was the closest I’ll ever get to […]


Iiiiiit’s heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere! 😱 The long-awaited Tarot of the Hours is finally available in the Church o’ Merch! For Β£30 + shipping you can get your probably not entirely innocent hands on your very own hand-numbered tarot deck, granting you ultimate insight into the House without Walls. Thanks for being patient while I sorted ’em. <3 […]



Happy March, everyone! The grass is greening, the sun is shining and the global pandemic of COVID-19 continues to prowl the streets. Hey ho. First things first: WE’VE BEEN NOMINATED FOR THE IMGAs! They’re big mobile awards so we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that we’re shortlisted for some of the genre categories, but if […]


Happy grimmest month of the year, Beloveds! I have an announcement that might cheer you up. I’m not going to go into detail, but I *am* going to confirm that we’re working on some ✨ NEW CULTIST CONTENT ✨ that I’ll be able to talk more about next sprint. For now, I’ll leave you only […]

“Got your book. Pretty good condition, too. Bit blurred round the edges, but the little fellow’s taken good care of it…” (January 15th-ish, 1906)

“Got your book. Pretty good condition, too. Bit blurred round the edges, but the little fellow’s taken good care of it…” (January 15th-ish, 1906)

Yes! This should really be called ‘NOV #1: WESTENRA’, but this producer is Off The Rails. You can’t stop me. I’m naming this sprint update after the rather curious case of D and The History of Inks, written to a Dr. Serena Blackwood at the Office of the Curia. Click to read photographs of the […]


Happy Halloween, Believers! I’ve just finished Roger Zelazny’s A Night In The Lonesome October and highly recommend it if you’re in the market for some spooky All Hallow’s escapism from a world-class author who’s putting his feet up and drinking a big glass of goth. This sprint we released a bunch of new stuff to […]