Merry Christmas, everyone! This is our last sprint update of the year, and possibly our last sprint update ever. We’re giving our fortnightly format a rest in 2022, replacing it with less regular but hopefully more in-depth blogs on particular parts of BOOK OF HOURS or projects we’ve been working on or the inner workings of a bit of game design that’s just fallen over in Cultist Simulator, or something. Let’s see how that goes.

We have a new BOOK OF HOURS roadmap available here where you can see the outlines of next year. I’ll add more detail as we get further along with BoH and our other projects (The Locksmith’s Dream, Lucid Tarot, The Lady Afterwards second run, Sex, Lies and Video Games, etc). But it should be an interesting year.

Speaking of BOOK OF HOURS, AK and I are committed to making the game as mod-friendly as we can, as we’ve loved seeing how modding has blossomed on Cultist Simulator. So we’ve published a new page on getting started with modding, here.

AK’s new game design book – The Snare of the Tree – finally went live in paperback form on our Etsy shop, along with a Kennedy Combo bundle inclduing Snare and Against Worldbuilding, saving you some shiny spintriae. The shop is still open for business, but will close for Christmas at noon on Monday 20th December. Get yer cursed gifts sooner than later!

Cultist is currently on sale in GOG’s Winter Sale, we make slow but steady progress with the pre-order Lady Afterwards boxes, and if you missed it we published a postmortem on TLA here. Lots more coming in the new year – look after yourselves and be merry and loved for now.

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