The Secret Historian’s box, June edition: The Grove of Green Immortals

Happy Friday! Just wanted to share some finished photos of the Secret Historian boxes I’ve been trailing for a while, as I realised you haven’t actually seen them IRL and might, er, not really know what I’m babbling on about. Here’s the end result of the Grove of Green Immortals box, padded with real dried moss and pressed foliage, dusted with the Grove’s emblematic osmanthus flowers. I even set off the office fire alarm sealing the more liquid ink bottles with wax. SORRY OFFICE PEOPLE –

The Grove’s sign is burned on the lid, while Heart, Knock and Secret Histories aspects are carved on the hinges. Only 25 will ever be made (before I move on to next month’s box, from Crossrow), and all include variants of the following:

★ A custom-made walnut-stained apothecary box from the desk of the Librarian of the Grove
★ Six cork and wax-sealed forbidden inks: uzult, porphyrine, nillycant, marakat, perinculate and the orpiment exultant
★ Two hand-tied letters from fellow seekers of the forbidden arts (picked from a pool of eight letters, past and present)
★ Genuine 1930s librarian’s ephemera: cigarette card, mini-pencil and sealing wax
★ Dried foliage, flowers and moss from the Grove itself
★ Rare calling card from the mysterious Infinite-of-Tails
★ Three visiting character cards (from a pool of basically every Cultist Simulator character)
★ Library membership card for the Grove of Green Immortals

These go live in just over a week, on Monday 6th June in the Etsy shop, for £100 plus shipping. After we re-release The Lady Afterwards box on Tuesday 31st, that is! So… watch this space! And I hope you enjoy ’em as much as I enjoyed making ’em. <3

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  1. Posted a few days ago on Expect the Expected but I’ll just mention here. Can I get clarification on when tickets are going on sale for the Locksmiths dream? “Invisible Chess and Positive Moves” Post mentions that they go on sale on the 31st, while “Expect the Expected” says they go on sale on Monday the 6th. (they both mention 6PM BST/10 AM PDT)

    Other than that, HOLY SHIT the box looks AMAZING! I really like the latches, edge staining, and Grove symbol burned on the front. I had a thought that I could try to make a campaign/module in the SH TTRPG centered around each of the boxes, though I might have to wait until BOH to get enough lore info.

  2. Definitely! Locksmith’s Dream tickets are going on sale on Monday 6th June at 6PM BST / 10AM PDT. We were originally going to release them tomorrow, because it’s Cultist Sim’s anniversary, but for technical reasons we decided to release it a week later on Monday 6th instead. Sorry for the confusion! 🙂

    1. Thanks for clearing that up! Just one more thing; will the website for TLD go live before the tickets go on sale? I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to view the website to figure it out before the tickets go up for sale, or if the website would go live at the same time that the tickets go on sale.

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