“COSELEY” release

(Lovely image above is courtesy of the Lucid Tarot.)

Another big update only two weeks after BANCROFT? Why not. COSELEY is a great big grab bag of quality-of-life improvements, and a couple of new features. I’m not done with QoL yet, but the next update (DAYMARE) is more content-focused. That’s going to be a while away though, because Lottie and I are taking a couple weeks off, because apparently working all the time is in some nebulous way bad for you and you’re supposed to ‘relax’ and have ‘fun’ and all that other human nonsense.

Patch notes, and my glosses, follow!

  • Zoom-to-cursor is back! I’ve reworked it from my eccentric experimental version to be more what people expected, and switched it on by default. You can still turn it off in the options menu if you don’t like it
  • Auto-arrange changes; undo button, separate merge and arrange, variant ordering on reclick
    Keep clicking the arrange button (or pressing Tab) to see the effects
  • It’s now possible to dream on a Memory when night comes, preserving it for the following day
    You can’t do this with Weather, and you can only do it after nightfall
  • Dedicated verb icons for workstations
    Lottie wanted these in to add character – and they’re also pavingthe way for another UI upgrade
  • Added a small feature to make the endgame, and rare scenarios in the midgame, easier (psst it relates to Numa)
    psst psst there’s a way to finish the game when you’re ready without waiting for the right time
  • More performance optimisations! Still ongoing, still experimental
    I’ll keep working on these, but do drop me a mail if you’re still struggling on a machine that’s above minimum spec
  • There’s now a second phonograph in the House *on new saves only* (i.e. if you haven’t opened the Severn Chamber yet in this playthrough). The Governor’s phonograph also now accepts different aspects (run something through it to update)
  • TAKE NOTE! If a Soul card becomes contaminated after this update, it will sometimes be able to pass on the contamination to books
    Expect more from contaminations and maladies later – but I’m feeding these in very cautiously
  • You can now mute copied-text popups (and/or re-enable them in Options)
    Sorry, folks, finally got to it
  • The harp in the Windlit Gallery is a little different (on new saves only)
  • The Librarian can now burn correspondence
    Right now that means ‘spare reminder from St Rhonwens isn’t wirh you forever’ but it may be more relevant in future updates
  • You’ll no longer get two simultaneous Numa incidents when playing on 6x speed
    I was hunting this one for a while – thanks to D.K. for giving me the final piece in the puzzle via their bug report
  • One candelabrum moved in the nave of St Brandan’s so you get a little more space in the window-shelf
    We’d have done this a coupla weeks ago, but the other half of Weather Factory, who does the art, just put in a couple of fifty-hour weeks to get the Lucid Tarot finished. WELL DONE LOTTIE. Same with the art bits below
  • Entrance hall chairs now show in front of shelved objects
  • Added a visible path down from Earl Brian’s field to make the cliff-link clearer
  • The Mirrors in the Hall of Division now accept Grail (as usual, you’ll need to run a recipe through them to see this, if you’re playing an existing save)
    This is more thematically on-point; also there was a single solitary Soul evolution where you could still lock yourself out of an upgrade, and this resolves it. Thanks to those who reported this!
  • You’ll only see the Wisdom Tree tip once (finally got around to this)
  • Swimming in the sea is now possible, though not always wise, and a swimmer should ensure they know where their towel is; AND examining Fabric no longer destroys it; AND clean fresh linen now has restorative properties
    All these three points are related. I wanted to stop destroying Fabric, as part of upcoming feature tweaks for both analysis and Mommet work. So I wanted to give towels and linen something else to do. (previously they were one-shot Memory generators – they had just looked nice in the room art, and it’s often hard to find a use for these objects). PS people should stop trying to give their dirty laundry to Mrs Kille, people, she’s a midwife not a laundress
  • Added an extra quarter-second delay to the room preview window
    Still too intrusive? now too slow? needs to be configurable? we’ll see, it’s all a grand adventure
  • Added a Revert button to the crafting helper panel, which returns the window to the first available recipe
  • Added a missing connection from Gullscry Loggia to Gaol Bridge
  • Lucid Tarot cards in ending screens display at a better ratio
    I didn’t even notice, and I don’t know if anyone else did, but it was upsetting my wife to see her art squashed
  • Fixed some Ouranoscopy hint and recipe issues, and added a new recipe
  • Fixed some Stone Stories hint and recipe issues, and added a new recipe
    There’ll be more of this sort of thing
  • Options in crafting helper panel are slightly easier to click
  • Fixed an irritation where mousing over Period aspect could bring up an irrelevant unlock preview tooltip
  • Father Schaller now admits that he reads Sanskrit
    Expect him and other visitors to show more of an interest in some other relevant books in the future
  • Westcott Room scroll cubbies now work
  • Fixed an issue where Memories found as random gathers would sometimes only appear once (with thanks to M.W.)
  • Wormwood Dream is persistent
  • Crafting is no longer possible in bed. It was rarely useful, usually confusing, always a health and safety issue
    Are there other things coming that you can do in bed? no wash your mind out, not that. But one of the potential expansions has to do do with dreaming
  • A terminological issue re: scientific instrumentation has been addressed.
    Can’t believe I forgot what an astrolable looked like
  • Added a missing sound for some small things being dropped
    I only noticed this because I was tuning the volume of the spookier sounds in the caves below the House
  • Fixed a problem where detail messages weren’t showing on consumable objects when they were Considered
  • Clearer slot labelling on Skills
    So fewer people will get to hour six and only then realise you don’t need to use up Lessons for every slot?
  • Saves and Backups button doesn’t suffer from desynced text
  • Detail images for very small objects no longer pixelate
    Surprisingly fiddly to fix, but glasses of water are now much charming-er
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