TERESA’S UPDATE AND DANCER DLC LIVE!… and first post-launch patch

On Tuesday we released a giant free content update, TERESA’S BUILD for Cultist Simulator along with a frankly underpriced piece of DLC, DANCER. Headline features: goth change moth sex death skin ROMANCE archrival nemesis detective melt.

There were bugs, cos there are always bugs – in particular a couple of ways you could miss one of the NPC-specific romance endings. We’ve fixed a whole bunch of those bugs in a big patch which just went live. Probably put in a couple more too, you know how it is. We also added a way to mitigate the effects of Curses, because some folk found them a bit savage. They are still savage, but there are more protective measures you can take.

ANYWAY the patch also contains stuff that nearly but not quite made it into Teresa’s Build – in particular, more uses for, and ways to wrangle, Influences, the most rarefied bit of the magic system of the game. Not coincidentally, this also makes the Dancer Heart and Moth endings a little easier to achieve, and makes the mitigations against Curses more practical.

Full change list below. We’re going to stick around today and tomorrow to follow up on bugs, and then we’re going on holiday for three days to have a bit of a rest. So don’t think we hate you if we’re slower than usual with email responses.

Bloody proud of Dancer – it’s been well received. Thanks for everyone for all the feedback and all the enthusiasm. I’m looking forward to getting started on Christopher’s Build.


v2018.10.k.4: ‘Kronos’

  • Major change to influences; they can now be harvested and upgraded in a whole bunch of combinations, and they decay slowly. This is an intended change that didn’t quite make it into Teresa’s Update. [Note: it makes Heart ascension significantly easier.]
  • Creeping Breath Curse icon now displays correctly
  • Curses can now be defeated, although not easily.
  • Tweaks and bumps to Mansus rewards – in particular, there are now a couple of extra ways to get Heart influence.
  • Romance: Uses of Strength no longer lets you put any old rubbish in the slot
  • Now that Lantern and Winter influence turn into Fascination and Dread, Fascination and Dread no longer give Lantern and Winter influence when defeated.
  • Inductions (those transient thirty-second verbs that sawn Restlessness, Vitality, Dread, etc) no longer spawn new inductions in their turn.
  • Spawn chance of inductions slightly reduced.
  • Attempting a Heart or Moth ascension, and then turning aside to be with your beloved, will now trigger the correct ending.
  • A special case of a secret victory will now trigger correctly. You’ll know it if you’ve seen it.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to skip a step on the route to that secret victory.
  • Final Dancer job upgrade now requires Grace specialisation for Health skill.
  • Fixed missing text for the final Dancer job upgrade.
  • Added an additional Dancer hint.
  • Added a side-effect from use of Glassfinger Toxin.

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on TERESA’S UPDATE AND DANCER DLC LIVE!… and first post-launch patch

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