This Sunday marks two years since Cultist’s launch. It’s been a hell of a trip, and we really couldn’t have done it without you: Kickstarter backers, launch-week buyers, community members, merch owners, streamers, fan artists, social media cheerleaders, the lot. Thank you for being a bunch of total mensches.


We’ve kept our cards uncharacteristically close to our chest about EXILE, mostly because we weren’t quite sure what its final form would be. Now it’s nearly complete – and, by the way, almost as large as the whole of Cultist Simulator was at launch – I can finally share full deets with you.


The big news this sprint is we moved house! 😱 Alexis has started a sourdough culture he refers to only as “The Bred MΓΆther”, and inspired by our current work on Exile, Sulochana has started an eternal feud with Big Ken whom she bites until I spray lemon at her.

Wherever You Go

Below is the current list of places featured in EXILE (excluding the Priory of Captains, the Pentapolis and the other final destinations). Mid-1920s European history is fascinating, and butts in unexpected ways against what we know of Europe after WWII.


Lancing this cloud of gloom like a wafer through ice-cream are the Priest and Ghoul DLCs, which launched on mobile yesterday. They’re available as Β£1.99 IAPs, and Cultist Simulator is 50% off for a week on the App Store and Google Play Store to celebrate turning one. πŸŽ‚