Dec #2: YELLOW

Happy advent, Believers. It’s been a helluva year. We have a bunch of announcements coming up in 2020, ranging from Mobile DLC to Other Cultist Stuff to New Stuff to Stuff That Isn’t A Game At All. We’ll also be able to reinstate our production roadmap, to give you all a much clearer idea of what you can expect and when. But more on that after I’ve eaten my body weight in pigs-in-blankets.

For now, a tarot update! I have learned a great deal about DIE CUTTING (goth) and BLACK CARD (goth) and 350GSM ZANTA GAME BOARD (………………post-goth). The short version is our test deck showed me I needed to pay more for a black-card deck, lest the edges of our glorious set look like they’ve been nibbled by Worms when they’re still brand new.

Stupid die cutting.


I can at least start confirming some of the correct guesses I’ve seen about our suits and face cards. I’ve only seen two correct guesses so far, so if you think you can work out any of the below, leave a comment and I’ll update the chart!

Updated 19/12/2019… Wands ain’t Knock, or Edge, or Winter. WHAT COULD IT BE


Finally, a pre-Christmas treat for the last production update of 2019. Some of you may remember a certain Serena Blackwood from the last letter to cross my path from Hush House. Well, an official missive from Serena herself has come to light. Read the original below, or a transcript at the bottom of this update. Click for larger versions.


Thank you to everyone who’s been supportive over these last few months. I can’t tell you how much it’s appreciated. Take care, Beloveds, and see you on the other side. ♥



Hush House, Brancrug
June 22nd, 1924

Detective-Ostiary Pender –

Thank you for your time last week, and for your patience. I’ve reviewed your requests for limitation. Most are acceptable to the Curia. Some are not. In this letter, I’ve outlined our objections. I hope that we can find common ground, and an acceptable compromise.

Nix Abolix. You marked as ‘Suppress’. No arguments here. Quite frankly, I don’t know how it ever made it to the main collection. We don’t need any more Worms in the world. I mention this only to say that we do, despite our differences, appreciate the Bureau’s efforts and contributions.

On the other hand, My Most Violent Enterprise. You marked as ‘Restrict’. That’s a little extreme. I really don’t think it even merits an ‘Advise’. The contents are certainly pretty despicable, but if Enterprise is limited, we are going to have to revise classification for a great many other equally despicable items. The function of Hush House is not to protect, but to preserve.

The Almanac of Entrances. You marked as ‘Suppress’. I can see the risks, but I don’t believe suppression is merited. We’ll agree to ‘Restrict’.

OGHKOR OGHKOR TISSILAK OGHKOR. You marked as ‘Restrict’. I understand your concerns, but the author has not been witnessed abroad in the world for at least two centuries, and can reasonably be considered defunct. I’ll allow ‘Advise’, and we’ll revise to ‘Restrict’ if the author is ever verifiably reported active again.

A Child’s Treasury of Golden Afternoons. You marked as ‘Expunge’. This is a proposal we would consider only in the most extreme circumstances. The text is already categorised ‘Contain’. I’ve discussed with the Librarian and we are confident that the theoplasmic contamination – which is, I grant, quite advanced – can be purged. If it can’t, then we will consider the ‘Expunge’.

Codex Acephali. You marked as ‘Contain’. I agree that this is a reasonable request, and once again, I wanted to thank you for drawing it to our attention. As a matter of fact, the contamination has also reached the neighbouring texts (The Radical Measure and In the Malleary) and we’re going to mark those ‘Contain’ too, pending review.

The History of Inks. You marked as ‘Suppress’. Now this is not the first nor indeed the second time that the Suppression Bureau has taken issue with this book, and I do see your point, some of the inks are extremely significant, but with all due respect, Hush House has its purpose, as you must know, and the Suppression Bureau’s place is not to question that purpose. Your Suppression request is denied. My patience is wearing thin. If I see another such request for the History in future years, I’ll take up the matter with our patrons.

The Kerisham Portolan. ‘Suppress’. I don’t think so.

Blackwood’s Magazine, January 1922. ‘Restrict’. I assume this is some sort of joke. I must assure you that no-one in the Curia is laughing.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Serena Blackwood, D.D., O.F.S.B.

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  1. So I’m gonna guess that the Long in game get included in these face cards, and with the remaining suits I’d guess the following:
    Swords = Edge was the obvious interpretation as an association with violence, but since someone guessed that last time and it was wrong Forge is the next most likely. So if guess King Crucible is King of Swords, and Captain Welland is the Knight of Swords

    Lady Tryphon is probably Queen of Hearts

    So Lantern is probably Wands because of the association with Knowledge, and I bet then that Teresa is the Queen of Wands, and Lars is the Knight of Wands.

    That leaves Winter to be Coins, which doesn’t fit nearly as well as some of the others, but since I’m sticking with this pattern I’ll guess JC is the Knight, and the Maid in the Mirror might be the Queen since they don’t have a unique summon.

    I could make a ton of other guesses, but I’ll wait to see what else gets revealed.

  2. Updated! PORTFOLIO831412465 got one *nearly* right so I took pity. Betcha figure out the rest of ’em real quickly now.

  3. I’m going to boldly guess that The-Sister-And-Witch is the Queen of Wands
    And that The-Witch-And-Sister is the Queen of cups.
    And that Wands is Heart and Pentacles is Forge.

  4. I’m going to guess Teresa is queen of swords, and The-Sun-In-Rags as the king of swords.
    Also leaning for wands to be winter or heart.

  5. We got some freebies from the last post:

    Wands – Lantern
    Pentacles – Forge
    Cups – Grail

    My guess for swords:

    Swords – Winter

    Swords are normally represent the air element and intellect – like the bone chilling cut of winter, the rarefied air that stills everything to let the mind wander.

  6. Maybe also:

    Knight of Pentacles – Caligine
    Knight of Wands – Hint
    Knight of Cups – Raw Prophet
    Knight of Swords – Maid in the Mirror

  7. I’m just gonna guess that the knights are the enemy long and the wands are somehow secret histories with the king being someone associated with hush house or maybe the suppression bureau but probably hush house

  8. did a quick read up of tarot suits, and since wands is fire and creativity and determination, passion, energy. well that sounds a lot like hearts to me. n

  9. I was gonna say that wands might be heart…but then I changed my mind. It could be moth since moth is related to woods and wands are made of wood lol.

  10. Wands has to be Moth or Heart, why not both?

    Sulochana Amavasya as King of Wands regardless of what aspect of the two it would be?

    Raw prophet as either Queen or Knight of Cups?

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