Cultist Simulator: “There is not only one history”

I said last week that I wanted to get a Javascript prototype of Cultist Simulator -my weird-fiction-influenced narrative crafting semi-idlegame experiment -up on the web as soon as poss. I’ve got a hundred and fourteen tasks on my pre-alpha list, and I’ve finished seventy-eight of them. I’d like to reach alpha by Friday, but realistically I think this means middle of the next week. I’m off on holiday in Iceland from mid August, and then I’m booked in on a cool thing from late August that I still can’t tell you about yet. So I want to get something up by then at least.

Yes, I know Cultist Simulator is supposed to be a fun doodle, but I hear the echo of my own voice saying mean things to other indie devs about working without a schedule or a deadline. And I feel happier with a task list. Like a safety line hooked to my belt.

Things I can definitely say about the Cultist Simulator alpha at this point:

  1. it’ll be 100% free, until I decide to take the project further
  2. inspirations include: Dunsany, Lovecraft, CS Lewis, the Seeking storyline from FL, Lost Highway, F Scott Fitzgerald, the Secret Knots
  3. it won’t have much content to start with
  4. no registration or multiplayer; it’s only local
  5. it has real-time, idle-game elements
  6. it is predominantly grey in colour
  7. it won’t have any art yet, although I’ve talked to a couple of artists about work further down the line
  8. it has the word ‘Mansus’ in, at least until I’m certain whether I like it or not
  9. after the results of a quick Twitter poll, it’ll feature the Keys of the Moth, the Red Grail and the Forge of Days.

Here’s the link to sign up for update info: . Thank you!


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  1. I got to say my friend I played it and fell in with love it like a heroine of bad Harlequin romance novel.

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