Putting the Open in Open Production: what I’ve been doing, 29th July


Someone asked me on Twitter if I could share the task list for Cultist Simulator. This made me a bit nervous, but things that make you nervous are good. So sod it, here’s the whole thing. If someone finds it useful, great!

Cultist Simulator Live Task List

A note, and two warnings.

The note: the way I work, when I’m working seriously, is to estimate everything, because it forces me to think it through, and then add a rough idea of exactly how long it took me when I finish. I rarely go back and review estimated vs actual later, but even when I don’t, it makes me think about the reasons it was faster or slower than the orig estimate, and feed that back into my heuristics for the future.

One warning is that this wasn’t written for public consumption, so I make no guarantee of usefulness or coherence. All I’ve done is c/p it out of my main work spreadie into a separate one, and add a few notes (in lilac).

A second warning: I was a full-time software developer once, but I haven’t written anything more complex than the Python script that generated Failbetter shareholder dividend vouchers since 2010. I’ve basically spent the last few weeks relearning Javascript (and JQuery and lodash). I know how to run a project, but if you’re looking for best coding practice, you won’t find it here.

I’ve mostly been on CS, or taking my kid to the animal hospital, the last couple of weeks. But my latest Eurogamer piece is now up – I think it’s one of the better ones, clickbait title notwithstanding.

Anyway, task list says the Cultist Simulator alpha tasks will be done on the 3rd (I skipped a couple of days so I feel justified in working the weekend). So I’ll probably put the alpha live on the 4th, if it’s to be trusted.


READING: Tim Marshall, Prisoners of Geography; Nate Crowley, The Sea Hates a Coward; Edmund Crispin, The Moving Toyshop; big collection of Lovecraft shorts
WRITING: Cultist Simulator
PLAYING: OESE, Armello, Open Sorcery, Moirai, Dragon Age Inquisition old save
DRINKING: I thought Santamania would go nice in a gin sling cos it’s quite citrusy; I’m not sure what went wrong

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