HIRING: UI Developerfeatured

We’re looking for another team member for Weather Factory. from 2019.

We need someone with

  • UI skills, specifically but not exclusively in Unity
  • Good visual design instincts (and ideally system design instincts)
  • At least one complete commercial games project, preferably in a studio of <10 people

The last is important – we’re looking for someone with experience of working in a small team on a commercial project, not for new talent.

Multidimensional folk strongly preferred. I mean people with additional skills beside UI (animation, art, audio, music, video, web or others), rather than horrors from other spaces. Other-space horrors will be considered.

If you’re interested, please mail contact@weatherfactory.biz with your CV,  something about why you’re interested, and answers to the following

  • what’s the biggest risk in game dev?
  • what are your favourite books and/or films?
  • what’s your ideal working day?
  • what do you do that isn’t games?
  • what is best in life?

This is a long-term process: we’ll hire when we hear from the right applicant. UK residents preferred, but I’d sponsor the right person for a visa if it were a particularly good match.

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