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AK and I are big fans of open production: the process of making games transparently and honestly, bringing your community with you for the ride. AK gave an excellent GDC talk about it a few years ago, and I spoke earlier this year at IndieCade Europe about Failbetter’s ongoing open production habit.

We’d better reck our own rede on Cultist Simulator, then, eh? Have a look below at our sprint-by-sprint production roadmap from now until launch. We’ll update it regularly to reflect the sprints that have passed and what actually went into them. We’ll also post blog updates with a closer look at what we achieved each sprint, including new art, music, lore snippets, GIFs, you name it.

Feel free to share the page around, and ask us questions here, or on @factoryweather!

December #1 COMPLETE! View update.

Scholar’s Build released on! Basic Legacies complete (Aspirant, Scholar and Bright Young Thing); saving/loading complete; basic tiered research in; new content (Poppy Lascelles, the Ecdysis Club, new tomes); assets for all in-game tomes; Steam page live.


December #2 COMPLETE! View update.

Christmas lights; Christmas cake; Christmas presents; Christmas jumpers. Oh and QA/bug fixes for the Scholar’s Build, some R&D into Mansus-related UI, GOG page set-up and this roadmap went live.

January #1: Arnold COMPLETE! View update.

🎈🍰 Alexis’s birthday! 🍰🎈 (V important.) Content writing, icon commissioning, Steam distribution prep, bug fixes, and Kickstarter backer rewards confirmed and set in motion. Hint system added, Magus/Explorer content skeletoning out.


January #2: Browning

Magus/Explorer content confirming, bug fixes, new art from Catherine and Sarah. Production planning for porting, and distributing the beta via Steam. New art from Clockwork Cuckoo, and trailer commissioning. 


February #1: Collins

Focused writing/design on the Magus role, bug fixes. Icon commissioning, UI/UX spit and polish from Martin, and Lottie gives a talk on ‘Producing Successful Narrative Games’ at UCA Farnham.


February #2: Deronda (MAGUS’S BUILD)

Aiming to release the Magus’s Build at the end of this sprint. Polish/pre-release QA, localisation production plan deadline, and new art from Clockwork Cuckoo.


March #1: Eliot

Focused writing/design work on the Explorer role, bug fixes. Icon commissioning.


March #2: Forster (GDC)

Ongoing Explorer work. Lottie and AK head to GDC, where AK will be giving an Indie Games Summit talk on ‘Intensely Practical Tips for Growing an Indie Studio’. Wish him luck! Lottie will probably cosplay our Cultist Simulator header-heroine all week.


March #3: Gwendolen (EXPLORER’S BUILD)

MINIMUM VIABLE PRODUCT MILESTONE! Aiming to release the Explorer’s Build at the end of this sprint. Polish/pre-release QA, and new art from Clockwork Cuckoo.


April #1: Hopkins (EGX REZZED/DEVELOP)

CONTENT/CODE LOCK! This is a Buff Month. Time for final amendments, polish, bug fixes, marketing noise. Lottie and AK head to EGX Rezzed, where AK’s giving a talk on [ REDACTED ]; AK then heads to Develop Reboot in Croatia, where he’s giving another talk on [ REDACTED ].


April #2: Irene

Final pre-launch polish time! AK goes totally nuts; Lottie distributes hot drinks.


May #1: James (LAUNCH)

Proposed launch date for Windows, Mac and Linux! Tin hats on! Kickstarter backer rewards deadline!


May #2: Keats

Intense support/QA.

Depending on how well we do with launch, whether we sign with any publishers, and the particular alignment of Orion with Mercury, we may do a number of things with Cultist Simulator at this point. We’re primarily looking at localisation and porting to mobile. But we may also release additional, role-based DLC.

Here’s our post-launch list of candidates. Nothing below Householder is confirmed, and the order may vary:

  • Ghoul
  • Lover/family
  • Artist
  • Householder
  • Criminal
  • Spy
  • Svengali
  • Priest/renegade priest
  • Tycoon

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