December #2 + January #1: HAGGARD and ARNOLD sprint update

Happy new year, everyone! Christmas is midwinter psychedelia in terms of scheduling, and AK and I both helpfully came down with lurg, so I’m combining our last two sprints into one update. These are the liberties I am taking because I CAN.

Fortunately for me, we actually got a lot done. 😀

We posted our public roadmap for all to follow along, and started setting up our Humble and GOG pages. I’ve had my Kickstarter hat on, finalising our not-entirely-digital notebooks (for £35/Disciples and up) and our Unusual Thing (for £300/Gods-who-were-Stone and up). Sages refer to these as ‘rad’, but I can’t share anything with anyone yet.

Clockwork Cuckoo have been working hard for us, finishing off the icon requests we mentioned last update, as well as starting on a new batch of icons for this month. A lot of these new requests focus on the Magus role, including magic and rituals and ghoulies oh my! I couldn’t stop him, so Alexis wrote the commission notes, and they therefore include things like:

“A horrible assemblage of limbs, like the Isle of Man triskele crossed with Hellraiser”


“A flapping hairy clawed dancing thing like an animated empty bearskin caught in a hurricane”

And you lot are paying him to do this.

AK also did a bunch of planning around our release candidate content, skeletoning out currently missing text (e.g. tiered research) as well as a selection of entirely new things: spells and summonings for Maguses, new locations and events for Explorers, seasonals… The short version is AK kept raising his eyebrows and exclaiming, ‘There’s a lot of content in this game!’, and looking pleased.

There’s now also a hint system in place, pointing you gently towards recipes you’ve nearly-but-not-quite gotten yet. This and visible one-time-only recipes (like combining Reason and Work to get that first job at Glover & Glover) round up the design/tech changes of late.

Finally, Martin and AK have been bug-fixing machines, addressing the most pressing issues you reported to me (thanks to everyone who emailed in!). We’ll include these notes the next time we upload a build, but you can see ’em here in advance. If you haven’t heard, we’re likely to start sending out Steam keys for y’all with the next public update, which I am very happy about.

  • you can now zoom in up to 200%, addressing text size issues on high resolutions;
  • no more blank legacy images on loading;
  • no more issues recruiting for your society (even for the prissy Children of Silence);
  • minor save/load issues resolved;
  • improvements to pause functionality (e.g. shouldn’t lose cards already placed in slots anymore);
  • you can no longer generate infinite patrons, sadface;
  • no more incorrect text in Verb window titles after loading;
  • no more borked progression at Glover & Glover;
  • improvements to UI (e.g. issues with interacting through notifications/options menu buttons should now be resolved);
  • tragically, you are no longer able to do this;
  • we’ve improved burn images, so they fit in better (WIP!);
  • new cards will glow slightly, to address feedback that new players didn’t realise they were clickable;
  • you shouldn’t see any more blurry buttons in options menu.

I leave you with news that I managed in the space of one morning to drown the plant to my left and set fire to the plant on my right. If that isn’t a modern ritual for summoning the Raging Green-Thumb’d Horrore of Baal, I’ll eat this slice of birthday cake while AK isn’t looking.

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  1. Re: green-thumbed vexations. I believe that the most nearly correct version of the invocation runs as follows:

    Enteresthes, Akmai Adonai Bidemgir! Elohim, pa rahulli! Enteresthes, HVOI!

    It sometimes works, on the second or third go.

  2. Ermzzz, yes! You shall. We’ll be sorting out Steam keys at the end of this month, so you can expect to hear details then. But Perpetual Edition is officially valid across itch and Steam. 🙂

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