XVII. THE VAGABOND (Nicola Rigby, 2022)

One of my more quixotic projects has been to commission one piece of unique art for every Hour of the Mansus. You’ve already seen the gorgeously crochet Mother of Ants; the Vagabond is a project on a much larger scale. The sculptor Nicola Rigby took the best part of a year to sculpt her in clay, and has finally been cast in bronze resin this week. She’s on her way to the office now.

Each item in the basket is individually sculpted. There are two hidden compartments. And see if you can count how many Secret Histories references Nicola has managed to work into the piece…

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  1. This is a stunning work of art. In the words of a certain archeologist/tomb-robber, “It belongs in a museum!” I hope one day this most adventurous of the Hours emerges from the nephrite depths of Nowhere to reach the Glory that she seeks.

on XVII. THE VAGABOND (Nicola Rigby, 2022)

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