What I’ve been up to, Friday 12th August: STARSHIPS

Earlier this week, I launched a Javascript prototype of Cultist Simulator. I hesitate to describe it as a ‘game’ – it’s really only a proof-of-concept of one, temporarily living on the web. But people are enjoying it! You can play it through to the point where you engage in your own inevitable destruction, here:

I want to get another small patch up for it in the next week, because after that I’m in Iceland for a week, and after that I have a gig I’m really looking forward to.

When I was deciding whether to leave Failbetter or not, I took a week’s holiday to think about it. Paradox’s Stellaris had just launched, and I put forty hours straight into its maw, one after another.

So I was very chuffed to end up talking to Paradox about doing some guest writing. As you probably know, Paradox are all about the post-launch support on their games, and I can now announce that I’m going to be writing a chunk of mid-game content for Stellaris, starting in September. This is exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to be doing when I started out ronin-ing; thank you to the Stellaris team for making it happen!

Have a magnificent weekend.

READING: Lafferty in Orbit, The Hungry Moon, Truth Lies and Advertising
WATCHING: Stranger Things, Meek’s Cutoff
PLAYING: No Man’s Sky, the Fall, the Flame in the Flood
DRINKING: Brandon’s Winter 2015 reserve: barrel-aged gin with a lot of candied citrus going on, surprisingly like an Old-Fashioned in a bottle.

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