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Lady Tryphon, Captain Welland, the Diarist, or J.C?

Earlier today I uploaded a patch –


no no don’t worry! this is beta content on the beta branch, and I wanted to bank some feedback over the Christmas break.

Back up a bit. In January we’re releasing a major update to Cultist – the Apostle Legacies, the Major Victories, and the enemy Long. You can find out more about what all those capital letters mean here, or see me talk about it on our latest design stream here: A S C E N S I O N S

Anyway, the key bit of that content is quite mechanically adventurous, and also I know that the venturesome Praetorian heart of our community (that’s probably you) like previews, so I uploaded a work-in-progress version of the Apostle content to the beta branch (gateofhorn on Steam and GOG), and I’ve just updated it with loads more content.

So you can now, if you want to pick your way round the potholes of bugs and missing content on the beta branch, try out Cultist’s epilogues; what happens after you’ve ascended to immortality, as a creature of Forge, Lantern or Grail? and who, exactly, will try to prevent your Apostle’s scheme to take you still higher?

Feedback is super welcome – more than that, it’s the whole point. I wrote a thread of protips on how to get devs to listen to feedback here, but honestly even if you just @ me on Twitter it’ll be useful. The balance needs a lot of tweaking, and there’s no Dream attacks to speak of, but you’ll probably find smart things to say that I wouldn’t think of, so don’t be shy.

ANYWAY that’s it for now. I’m off for Christmas with Lottie (play her Opalia piece!) and I intend to eat so many mince pies that by New Year I’ll be visible from orbit. In fact aliens may think I’m an exoplanet. See you then.

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