Stellaris, BioWare and the Culture: what I’ve been up to in the first half of Septemberfeatured

I’ve finished off my guest writing gig for Paradox on Stellaris. I’ve written a couple of blog posts about it: one at the beginning, one at the end. People have been asking if I’ll do any more. The answer is I’d totally be up for it, if Paradox asks and if it fits my schedule (I imagine Paradox will want to know how my contribution is received).

My schedule has got a lot more crowded, though, with bthe announcement that I’m BioWare’s first ever guest writer. I did an interview with PC Gamer and another with Eurogamer.

My first column went up. It’s about Valve, and why they’re more like the Culture than the Borg.

I also wrote a blog post about the passive voice in games writing, which went up on Gamasutra. It was then unexpectedly championed by, of all people, Derek Smart, who appeared to be having a very cheerful day.

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