Iiiiiit’s heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere! 😱


The long-awaited Tarot of the Hours is finally available in the Church o’ Merch! For £30 + shipping you can get your probably not entirely innocent hands on your very own hand-numbered tarot deck, granting you ultimate insight into the House without Walls.


Thanks for being patient while I sorted ’em. <3

Speaking of patience, you may have seen some of the Exile teasers Alexis has been tweeting. It’s not actually very long to wait now – just until the end of May! But I have a smol, non-alarming update for you, because here’s a transcript of every day at Weather Factory:

LOTTIE: Wow it’s so great that we have everything planned for the next six months


LOTTIE: Isn’t it just wonderful having a clear production schedule we can rely on


LOTTIE: How stressful would it be if you were to turn around and tell me suddenly all the plans we’d agreed on were changing, ha ha

ALEXIS: * reaches for the gin *

Alexis has some really fun ideas that break the mould of the rest of Cultist Sim, so we wanted to spend some extra time and lean into Exile as our largest bit of DLC to date. He’s been totally reworking the mechanics so all you adepts with 200 hours in the game will be faced with learning the rules ALL OVER AGAIN.

There are several different victories, some much easier than others. The hardest are as punishing as New Game+, but… this is Edge, right?

The above doesn’t change our release date, but we’re going to set its price point higher than £2.50 – exact price TBC. So, to summarise:

  • Exile will launch on Weds 27th May at 6PM GMT / 10AM PDT
  • It’ll release in English, simplified Chinese and Russian at the same time
  • It’ll cost more than other DLCs, though we haven’t confirmed how much yet
  • Perpetual Edition owners get it FREE

More info ASAP!

The fact that we’re spending more time on Exile than planned does mean I now expect BOOK OF HOURS to launch in 2022 rather than 2021. When we get into production proper on that game and have a clearer scope I’ll confirm either way. But a heads up that my producerly senses are tingling. Wishlist it for now, anyway!

Here’s some new Exile art to make all that production more palatable. Can you figure the DLC out from these…?

Last but not least, we’re on sale currently in GOG’s spring sale, so if anyone you know is, for example, stuck at home for an indeterminate amount of time, there’s a slightly cheery-uppy deal available right now.

‘Til next month, Believers!

11 comments on Mar #2: FLORIMELL
  1. This is a limited edition run. We might well do a second run of a different edition. Honestly I thought 500 decks would probably last us a year or more, so we hadn’t worked out any kind of timescale, but we’ve already sold a hundred-plus today so it might need to be a bit sooner.

  2. You guys are my heroes. Any vaguely rough timeline for Exile on mobile? Our other cultist friend already asked about exclusivity. I was hoping to put off the purchase to a more propitious time, but that may not be an option!

  3. Love the look of the tarot deck. Will definitely order myself a copy once France is out of lockdown.(Right now Iwould feel too bad adding to the load of postal carriers for that not quite essential item )
    Thanks again for making Cultist Simulator, it’s helping me stay sane while locked indoor for an unknown period.

  4. As always, the artwork looks absolutely wonderful. I find myself especially eager to catch a gander of the Exile DLC! Seems as though there’ll be a more thorough exploration of the world itself beyond the smattering of intriguing hints provided by the expedition descriptions. If I may ask, however, the tarot typically has meanings ascribed to individual cards, but all we can go off for the Tarot of the Hours are the mentions of various Hours in Cultist Simulator, and there’s not an enormous amount to go on in terms of ‘meaning’ for the other cards (though this is from the perspective of an unenlightened dullard). Any thought to providing a kind of guide to the Tarot of Hours, and how it differs from the standard Tarot?

  5. Brilliantly done! I know you both go deep with your associations behind each suit, class, and faculty. Please consider an illustrated companion book, preferably hardcopy, replete with lore and cryptic insights for each card that may reveal harmonic and dissonant paths for interpretation. Tarot decks that have an expressively integrated companion book are very much sought after; these are the gifts that I give.

  6. Alas! I tried to buy a deck a whole 24 hours after it was released only to find there were none left! Would there be a chance of more decks in the future?

  7. I would’ve really loved to get my hands on the Tarot, but now they’re all gone 🙁 I don’t care about getting a numbered limited run edition, I just want to own the cards. Is there no hope for me, only Dread ?

  8. Would there still be a chance of getting a tarot deck, even though I am a couple days too late? Will there be another run, and if so, do you know when?

on Mar #2: FLORIMELL

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