The Juniper and the Crown

Most everyone who cares knows, but I thought I should recognise it formally here: Cultist Simulator was funded in a smidge over twelve hours. This is a lot better than I expected. Almost 40% of the pledges so far have come from a mailshot to my old Failbetter fanbase, and I want to publicly thank Paul (my co-founder, now bossman) and Haley (marketing regent) for letting me get in touch with those folks.

It’s, er, it hasn’t really sunk in. I was reasonably confident I’d get funded, people have been positive, but it’s been a year since I started tinkering with the project, I’ve just been quietly here alone in my studio doing my thing, and suddenly it’s all been VALIDATED by a load of delightful strangers waving tenners in the air and shrilling songs of dark exultation. It’ll be a big relief when I actually manage to believe it.

Here’s me trying to stream my reaction, with a mask and gin. I’ll do a micro-retrospective on the last 24 hours, because I think other creators will find the data interesting, but I’m going to take the rest of my Saturday off and play War of the Chosen.

The Kickstarter’s still running, you know.

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