A whole nother fortnight has passed. Alexis posted an epic round-up of Weather Factory’s year, which people seem to have found useful; Claire wrote her first blog on a woman and her tremendous cloak, seizing farmland for God like some furious Catholic Batman; I started an anonymous game dev salary spreadie for UK developers, which required immediate troll-proofing; and a whole lot of other miasmic things occurred in other places THAT I STILL CAN’T TALK ABOUT YET I’M SORRY.

I have updated our roadmap, however. Alexis confirmed the contents of Franklin’s Build in yesterday’s design stream: it’ll comprise two final bits of paid DLC, which are

  • the Priest, adding a Knock-specific new Legacy to the game (YAY TEAM KNOCK);
  • the Ghoul, adding a Winter-specific new Legacy to the game.


These’ll come out at the same time at the end of May, as part of our ‘Cultist Simulator Is One Year Old OMG UWU’ celebrations. Perpetual Edition owners will, of course, get both DLCs for free, and we’ll post more details about the Legacies as we get through ’em.

The roadmap now takes us up to the end of planned active development on Cultist Simulator. It won’t be the last you hear of it (I hope!), but we’re a super smol studio who need to start Project #2. Our limited resource, like the cold glare from a lighthouse lens, can only fall on one game at a time. It is time for Cultist to settle back to slumber beneath the waves, though you can expect a Nice Cultist Announcement in the near future which may sweeten the parting.

Good lord, is that an entire sprint update from me without a single image? Alexis must be catching. Watch this space so you’re up to date with the Priest and Ghoul content as we worm our way through the lore, writing, art and whatever else we decide we need to truly evince Knock and Winter. Stay strong, Believers. ♥

7 comments on FEB #2: DORIAN

    Enid <3 !
    "Entry Consultant"! <3 !

    Neville… I want to like you but I am afraid most people will find you disappointing…

    One question: Why Mother of ANTS? Is it inspired by Un Chien Andalou scene with ants crawling from a wound on a palm of hand?


    I’m really looking forward to these. I’m pretty sure you will… KNOCK it out of the park

    Didn’t like my pun? That’s ok, I won’t make another. After all, no one likes a knock-knock joke.

  3. @Philip: The name comes, I think, from the Amphisbaena, a two-headed serpent in Greek mythology, who ate ants but was also called the Mother of Ants for giving the ants a rebirth with the shedding of its skin.

  4. @Travis: I think you’re right, thank you! I heard of Amphisbaena form Greek Mythology, but I did not know the details.

    I did a brief research and found out that Amphisbaena was born from the blood of Medusa killed by Perseus (Though in other versions of myths the Pegasus emerges from Medusa’s blood) – It’s similar to Colonel, Seven-coiled and Mother of Ants story.

    Question: do you know a good introduction book to Greek Mythology in English? I do know such book in my native language, but my Indian friend wanted to learn about European myths, so I need the book in English.

  5. If you want a general introduction, Edith Hamilton’s “Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes” was published in 1942 and still holds up pretty well today. For a more recent example, Stephen Fry’s “Mythos” is pretty good, though it focuses on a fairly narrow number of myths.


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