December #1: BEARDSLEY

Update time! From now on, we’re going to post updates every two weeks so you can follow the detail of Cultist Simulator‘s development. Like a hop-on, hop-off London bus, but made of apocryphal truths half-remembered from dreams.

The key thing this sprint was getting the Scholar’s Build out: which we did! Go, Team Apocalypse, go! But we did a few other things, too.

AK enabled character naming, and added three distinct Legacy options when you start a new game (Aspirant, Scholar, and Bright Young Thing). He also implemented saving/loading, the ability to delve further into the Mansus with tiered research, and fixed a load of bugs. (NB for below: not final assets/UI!)

What’s that thing he’s famously good at, again? Oh yes. I guess he also, like, wrote a bunch of new words.

A dancer enters from stage left, swathed in red bandages tight as tendons. She peels one away. Another. Another. Another –

This must be a trick. One cannot remove garments so softly that the bones beneath the skin are visible. Bone pink as peach-flesh. Organs nestled like grapes. The lights dim, gutter, go out, and the stage’s red star with them. All our lips are dry.

We also added many more books to the game (though we’re not going to tell you which ones). And we had tea in a quaint chthonic tea-room next to the British Museum with a SOAS professor of Sanskrit. More on that later.


Finally, we commissioned a bunch of new icons from Clockwork Cuckoo (NB: the following are first drafts, not final assets!)


And all the while, I planned how we were going to sell this silk-wrapped box of splinters to those not yet initiated, and pushed our Steam page live. I also bought a JAZZY MISTER. Which, if I have anything to do with it, will be a new playable role in Cultist Simulator DLC.


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  1. Thanks for the Scholar’s Build! I am greatly looking forward to have a look into the game’s current state over the weekend.

    In regard to communication and sticking to your promises, you are on a really good track here in my opinion.

on December #1: BEARDSLEY

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