Cultist Simulator: Zero Dot One Dot Two

I’ve patched Cultist Simulator! These are the headlines:

  • * Once you’ve started recruiting followers, they can lose interest if you’re too sane. Conversely, if you’re too obviously deranged, your group will attract the attention of an Inspector.
  • * Inspectors occasionally arrest people until dealt with. Right now you can just send followers to Sort Them Out; I’d like to add options to convert their interest into an obsession and possibly recruit them.
  • * Log now bundles change messages together, indicates action that triggered a message, is otherwise tidied
  • * Added an Assign action to make it easier to determine how to use an Expedition, and deal with Inspectors and other nuisances
  • * Moved log to left, and actions menu into the workspace panel. See how you get on with it.
  • * Dreaming now always affects sanity; studying an item will not consume it, or will disassemble it into equally useful consequences.
  • Full changelog is here; Cultist Simulator is here. oh and here’s the signup link for announcements.
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