Cultist Simulator is live on Steam, Humble, GOG and We hit #1 on the global top sellers list on Steam on launch.

We got a Eurogamer and an RPS Recommended badge, and currently 75% of the Steam reviews think the game is AMAZING and the other 25% think it’s AN INCOMPREHENSIBLE NONSENSE.

I just realised we’ve said this in lots of places, but our site still had COMING SOON as the most recent post.

The game has stood up pretty well but we’ve got the inevitable round of CTD issues, and typos that I somehow failed to notice for six months. Lottie and I are working through a buncha bugs, and we’ll have a patch out for the common issues very soon.

Next up, probably, is enabling modding, and then there’ll be more lovely content.

BE AWARE! you’ve got until 7pm UK time on 7th June to buy Perpetual Edition and get free lifetime DLC. And the 10% launch discount.

Also we’re doing a GOG stream with the charming systemchalk at 3pm UK time today (4th June).

Thank you, everyone. Exhausted but very happy.

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One half of Weather Factory. Writer, designer, coder and general man about town. He's the one who comes up with all the big ideas, which Lottie has to Deal With.


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