CULTIST SIMULATOR: 2018 update roadmap

Hello all

We’ve got all the post-launch hotfixes out the door, we’ve been to Brazil and back, and now we’re making some more Cultist Simulator.

Here are the three updates you can expect to see next. You’ll notice it says ‘probably roughly’. What’s this? Weather Factory not committing to deadlines? Why not?

Well, firstly, I have one last bit of potential just-when-I-thought-I-was-out-they-pull-me-back-in part-time freelance design/writing work. I said I wasn’t doing any more freelancing, but this is something that’s been on the cards since 2016, and I’m keen to be involved with it. It’s still under discussion, but if I do get involved, it will affect the CS schedule a bit.

But secondly, we really hustled to get CS out, as Lottie discussed in the retrospective. So we’re making a point of taking things a little easier in the back half of this year. Maybe a proper holiday even!

Anyway, here’s the plans! THIS PLAN IS NOT FINAL AND ANY AND ALL OF THE POINTS BELOW MAY CHANGE UNDER WHIM OR WEATHER. I’ve included our current thinking on what’ll be a free update and what’ll be paid DLC.


EDIT: we’re now committed to the timings here:

TERESA’S BUILD (probably roughly end August)

‘The finest artisans all dream of the White Door in the end. I’m no artisan, only a scholar. I think there’s a Secret that all these artisans know, but I think that Secret is only half the story.’

Focus on followers:

  • Wounded and Missing conditions [free]
  • Rebellion [free]
  • Romance [free]
  • More uses for Talk, finally [free]
  • The Tainted Blood advanced victory, and the Long Hunt [free]
  • Enhancements to the Detective Legacy [free]
  • The Dancer Legacy: hone your flesh and spirit at the Ecdysis Club [paid]


CHRISTOPHER’S BUILD (probably roughly end October)

‘To reach the Stag Door, I believe that all you really need is to want something enough. But I’ve never wanted anything that much, except of course [Teresa], and I’m very much afraid that the knot in the story is this: what [Teresa] wants is the Stag Door.’

Focus on scholarship and expeditions:

  • a use for the Scholarship skill! [free]
  • enhanced Research mechanics [free]
  • more specific goals for expeditions [free]
  • player-written tomes [free]
  • The Shaped advanced victory [free]
  • Expedition stories [free and/or paid]
  • Apostle Legacy: take up the mantle of a fallen cult leader [paid]
  • Priest Legacy: when your faith fails, where will you turn? [paid]


MY LORD FRANKLIN BANCROFT’S BUILD (probably roughly end January 2019)

‘Bancroft seems to have been a talented adept, but devoted his energies to frustratingly whimsical projects: arranging ‘grape-fetching races’ between Mansus-spirits, teaching Percussigants to juggle, and conjuring storms of imaginary blossoms for the rose-witch [Fionna] Ayrshire, who resolutely refused ever to couple with him. Bancroft spends twenty pages bemoaning this last.’

Focus on earthly pleasures, and their consequences:

  • Luxuries! The Delights of High Living [free]
  • The Ravages of Age! Which May Yet Be Averted [free]
  • Beyond Notoriety: Infamy! [free]
  • Painting: A Bouquet of Engrandisements [free]
  • Hard Times: Seasons of Wretchedly Straitened Resource [free]
  • Golden Days: Occasions of Munificence [free]
  • Pets and Familiars: (We May Count At Least On These Little Souls When All Humankind Proves Both Cruel And Faithless: Ah, Fionna) [free]
  • Patron Stories: Opportunities for Close and Warm Acquaintance [free and/or paid]
  • Familiar Legacy: Less than Human, and More [paid]
  • Survivor Legacy: What Have Ye Done [paid]

We’ve got some other stuff on the boil as well, but when I pre-announce things Lottie looks disappointed at me, so please imagine a vaudeville hook has appeared stage left at this point to hook  me off –

before I go

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Here’s Lottie, me and Weather Factory on Twitter.

Thanks for reading; thanks for supporting; see you soon!

10 comments on CULTIST SIMULATOR: 2018 update roadmap
  1. Hello, I’m an humble servant that just dicovered your game… And realized that he missed the GoG launch on the first days of June 🙁
    Is there any way to purchase the perpetual edition? Or is it gone forever?

    1. Gone forever, I’m afraid! But we might offer a DLC bundle or something at some point.

  2. Hey! I remember you saying something about steam workshop/modding, but I don’t see it on the list. Is that still in the works/still planned?

  3. Interesting. But no mention of new headquarters – that’s what I’m really looking forward to seeing lots of options in.

  4. Hey

    Already got about 30 hours in game and absolutely loving it..

    Just wanted to say thanks for the great game.. find myself just figuring out the next step all the time.. stroking my beard and slipping in insanity at stages as I try figure my way further.. really addictive

    Very excited to see what else gets added in the future

  5. There’s a great deal to look forward to here! Of course, for some reason, things like “player-written tomes” and “painting engrandisements” reach deep into my brain and press a button marked ‘Happy’.

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