“We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives”: more on FUTURE upcoming CS updates in the FUTURE

Q. In the roadmap, there was no mention of quality of life updates. Are those still planned?

They are – the roadmap is just content updates. We’ve got a freelancer in a few days a month to work on some QoL stuff (and localisation support) while I keep working on content. You can expect to see those ahead of Teresa’s Build.

A couple of QoL updates – shift-click to drag slot, double-click to send to slot – have just gone live on the beta branch. We’ll be rolling more out soon.

Q. Where’s the beta branch again?

A. On Steam:

  • right-click Cultist Simulator in your library
  • click PROPERTIES
  • go to the BETAS tab
  • choose ‘gateofhorn’ from the drop-down.


  • Click MORE on the Cultist Simulator page
  • Click SETTINGS
  • Change ‘Beta channels’ on the right to ‘on’
  • Choose ‘gateofhorn’ from the Channel dropdown

Q. So how’s it going to work? Will we see content updates come through gradually? Will they appear in the beta branch first? What about the DLC?

A. Here’s the plan. It may change.

QoL updates will spend a little time on the beta branch to bed in, and then make their way into the main game – usually on a week or so’s delay.

Content updates will mostly stay on the beta branch until the whole update drops. This is largely so that when we can get maximum visibility when we launch them + DLC together – and because if we launch the DLC on its own, everyone who’s missed the less-visible free updates will go, hey, where are the free updates?

DLC, if it’s visible at all, will stay on the beta branch until launch, and will only be visible to people who own it. Right now, this means that only the Perpetual Edition owners will see DLC previews in beta, because we’re unlikely to offer pre-orders. This might change if we get hundreds of players asking us to do pre-orders, but that seems unlikely.

Q. What’s ‘Procopius’?

I can’t talk about that yet, and perhaps not ever.

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