Update-aganza update

I have pushed two patches today, because I really wanted to try out a performance tweak that Martin just added. Notes below.

Lottie and I are both at – in  fact, both speaking at – Develop Reboot on Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th. I’m doing my Thriving Indie Studios talk, she’s on a production panel. So you’ll be free from updates for a couple of days. Expect the onslaught to begin again on Monday at the latest.

A note about what’s coming in the next few patches. All the feedback from Rezzed was, as we expected, about the game being a leetle too confusing. I am fine with confusion, but I do want to lay a trail of breadcrumbs for newcomers. And one of the mistakes I made with Sunless Sea, as I discussed here, was in focusing on the late-game experience at the cost of the early-game experience. I want to make sure the first hour of the game has a really navigable on-ramp. So we’ve been focussing on addressing the early game experience, and deprioritised some other stuff.

So if you’re waiting for the new Legacies, you may have to wait a teeny bit longer… and the number you’ll see at launch might be lower than the 20 I’d planned (8 looks like the minimum to make the content work). Or it might not! It depends on how the next few weeks go. They should be smoother, now we’ve got all these bloody events out of the way.

Patch notes:

v 2018.h.1

  • It is possible again to heal with Funds
  • Upgrading Health, Reason and Passion now works very differently
  • It’s much easier to gain Vitality
  • Skills are available; currently, you can use Strength if you want to work out in the open air
  • Opium can now cause sickness and despair, but also bring Glimmering


  • You now create Cults by talking to an Acquaintance, not by talking with Reputation. Creating a Cult is slightly more involved, and you can’t have a cult with only you as a member.
  • The Season of Ambitions now inspires clues, hints and restlessness if you’re not on the Ascension path yet.
  • Quality of life: You can drop cards directly on to tokens with are running, if they have an empty ongoing slot.
  • Performance: you should see a performance update from some rework Martin’s done on the zoom. Please let us know!
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