Who doesn’t want to roleplay a lonely, maladjusted intellectual with a well-stocked local bookshop? Exactly. Cultist Simulator’s first public beta – the Scholar’s Build – is all grimoires by candlelight, feverish translation and/or Faustian pacts with your gran. Get it now on!

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The Scholar’s Build is first and foremost a development build. It gestures in the general direction of the final game. But it has ~20% of the final content, and little polish. (AK was stricken this week with the Lurg, so we expect to release a Scholar’s hotfix with more polish next week.)

We’d love to get feedback and bugs at, where I shall a) receive them gratefully, knowing they are vital to the quality of the game b) weep, softly, into my keyboard. It’ll make my job a lot easier if you could send one bug per email, too. Thank you!

If you’d like to discuss Cultist Simulator with fellow intellectuals, we have a few hotspots: Steam forums, now our page is live; the Weather Factory subreddit; the Kickstarter comments page, if you’re a backer; and our Twitter, should you dare ask the Pink Logo a Question. Go on: be bold.

It’s primarily a UI update, but it adds mechanics for eking out a living as a scholar. Key features below.

    • There are many more books now available to read. (And many more to come.)


    • You can name your character. (We suggest you name your character.)


    • Three different Legacies allow three different game starts. (There is not yet any relationship between the ending you experience and the legacies available.)


    • The game saves when you exit, and auto-loads when you return. (If you end up with a borked save, you can delete save.txt from c:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\LocalLow\Weather Factory\Cultist Simulator, or use backup_save.txt).


    • It’s possible to research lore to gain access to higher levels of understanding. (The framework is in place, but the content here is about half-finished.)


    • There’s more art, and more content. (Particularly, more ways to gain Passion, Reason or Health, as well as more ways to destroy yourself.)


    • Dr Ibn al-Adim, Count Gottlob Jannings, and Madame Olympe Bechet may employ you to write articles or monographs for them. (They may have other functions, later.)


    • If you’re a Bright Young Thing, you may visit the Ecdysis Club, and Oriflamme’s Auction House, as well as meeting your friend and mine, Poppy Lascelles. (But allof these will be available to other Legacies, later.)


    • Notably absent: the ability to navigate the fringes of the Mansus in dreams. (This is partly because illness slowed my work this week, but also because we’ve had an interesting idea for how this would work which we’d like to explore further with our artists and UI developer, to see if it’ll work.)


  • There is music. (Seven tracks from the enigmatical Maribeth Solomon and friends, who created the Sunless Sea and Fallen London soundtracks.)
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  1. Could we have a bandcamp link to the soundtrack, please? To use the music in our day by day chores and feel like going down, very deep, below.


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