The Lurking Fear: Cultist Simulator’s production plan

Cultist Simulator started as a seriously low-budget, limited project before our wonderful Kickstarter backers jumped on board and gave Alexis ideas. We’re making sure we keep things sensible, committing extra funds to higher production values and more content down the line.

But this does mean we need a clear idea of what we’re doing when. So the production plan is as follows:

    • December 2017: scholar build release!


    • February 2018: magus role complete


    • March 2018: explorer role complete


    • April 2018: MINIMUM VIABLE PRODUCT MILESTONE! This is the point at which we could release the game, if we chose to. It’s feature-complete for launch.


  • May 2018: PC release on Steam, GOG and Humble!

I’ll be posting a public roadmap in the near future so you can follow the plan in real time. Marvel at my ability to name each sprint alphabetically and thematically (and everyone else’s ability not to care).

Post-launch plan: a lot of this depends on how well launch goes, and what happens with a Sekret Projekt of Alexis’s in the summer. But some options we’re considering are:

    • localisation (particularly German, Russian and simplified Chinese, we think?!)


    • mobile (iOS/Android)


    • DLC (content-based, adding more roles, cards, lore and everything nice)


These are pretty small bullet points for pretty large tasks! Because brevity is the soul of missing something really important and not being able to launch on time oh god

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  1. Hey both! The Scholar’s build is actually OUT TODAY! Shortly. Once we’ve had some pre-release tea.

    And yes, the Magus and Guru roles have been fused since AK originally mentioned them. Each role is a collection of stories, lore and activities which coalesce into a specific type of role-play experience (e.g. roleplaying a Magus-type character), and the Guru elements were similar enough to the Magus’s that it made more sense to roll them into one. 🙂

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