The Gate of Horn beta branch

Hello all. We’ve been updating the game at a furious pace, but from here on in, the pace of updates on the main Steam branch will slow right down. From 31st May, Cultist Simulator will be in full release, and we will want to keep the build stable.

BUT! if you like life in the fast dark lane at the edge of the midnight river, you can opt into our beta branch to get the newest, most thrilling and least reliable updates. To do this

  • right-click Cultist Simulator in your library
  • click PROPERTIES
  • go to the BETAS tab
  • choose ‘gateofhorn’ from the drop-down.

Thank you very much. You can have your eyes back now.

Q. So you’re going to be updating the game after launch?
A. My God yes. We’ll take a view on how often to do public releases depending on how big the audience is – if we do very well, we’ll need to be more careful – but you can expect frequent updates.

Q. What if I prefer a non-DRM beta experience?
A. Right now, it is so much easier to sort out the Steam beta. But we’ll look at ways to do it in a nicely automated way on itch or elsewhere. If this is something that bothers/interests you, feel free to comment  / +1 below!

Q. But all the public releases will make it to itch, GOG and Humble too, right?
A. Definitely!

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